About the Glock Gen 3 models category

3D printable Glock G17, 19, and 26 Gen3 Lower, designed by FMDA, Discussion, and Q/A.

G17 File drop by DD:https://lbry.tv/@Deterrence-Dispensed:2/G26:a
G19 File drop by: CTRL+PEW: https://ctrlpew.com/freemans-glock-19-gen3-diy-3d-printable-frame/
G26 File drop by DD: https://lbry.tv/@Deterrence-Dispensed:2/G26:a

Released by deterrence dispensed: [https://keybase.io/team/det_disp Live Free or Die](https://keybase.io/team/det_disp Live Free or Die)